My Story

RhondaforWebBorn in Toronto into an artistic household, I see my beginnings as an interior designer dating back to childhood when I created collages on my bedroom walls, fashioning spaces out of wallpaper, blocks and fabrics, as well forts in my backyard and the city’s ravines. In my early years of school I loved the artistic classes, drawing, painting, photography, music, theatre, pottery… All these early influences put me on the road to becoming a passionate and successful designer.

My Far-Flung Path of Visual Curiosity and Discovery

Following formal studies in fine arts and psychology, I began my career in 1997 in art departments of the Hollywood film industry, working in Los Angeles, New York, and then ultimately Toronto, for almost two decades as an Art Director and Production Designer.

Rooted back home for ten years now, travel and foreign lands still pull me, forming a large part of my being, both personally and as a designer. I keep close to my heart that house on the beach and those hikes through the rainforests in Costa Rica; and summers by the ocean in old whimsical cottages on Canada’s east coast; and my stint in Bali to observe its exterior gardens; and trekking through South America to study Spanish, crossing the Amazon, and immersing myself in discovering the people and landscape of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

This discovery process — following my very visual curiosity — leads me toward new insights and inspirations.  The imagery and colours from other lands and cultures — art, music, dance, and architecture — all accumulate in my creative bank. The beauty and design in nature is also forever etched in my memory: the tree line of a forest, a panoramic landscape, a shell’s spiral, the reflection in the pool at the bottom of a waterfall. Drawing upon this creative collage is what motivates me to create exquisite, graceful, thoughtful and bold designs. It’s a convergence of art, design, and the subject that I strive to combine.

Yet Home is Where the Heart Is

Although distant and disparate environments are great sources of inspiration and renewal, what grounds me is home. I believe our personal spaces in our local environments, both home and work, when designed well, are crucial in making us feel enlightened and energized. When these spaces are unified we can more easily venture forth on our journeys in life.


Incorporating form with function, I am collaborative in my approach. With my extensive experience and training, in film and interior design, I’ve honed my strengths in project management, spatial design and drafting, as well as prescribing reliable time-lines and budgets with effective and efficient organizational components.  The rest comes from my creative force!

Sustainability and Ecological Design

I always work with sustainability in mind.  I incorporate ecological design and materials into my work, and into my own home life. I drive a fully electric car and support a program in East Africa that teaches communities to build their own water wells.

It’s Your Space

Each space is individual — I design for the person: your needs, your wishes and priorities, and with sensitivity to your own creative impulse, whether it be quite extraordinary or quietly elegant. As I often tell my clients:

“Good design is only good if it’s good for you.”


  • University of Western Ontario, Psychology  + Fine Arts, B.A.
  • George Brown, Technology Courses
  • Ryerson, Interior Design Courses


  • Gemini, 2003
  • Gemini Nomination, 2006 & 2007
  • Directors Guild of Canada Award,  2006
  • Best of Houzz Award, 2014